Event : Tommy's Summer Holiday Club 2011 Report




Holiday Club Report


During the Holiday club there were many different activities to cater for everybody.  Activities that were available everyday included pool, arts and crafts, x-box and the Nintendo wii and karaoke.  On Tuesdays and Thursdays we had use of a sports hall and were able to do games such as hockey, dodgeball and football.  Cooking activities were held each week making cakes, toasties and homemade pizza.  It also gave a chance for junior and senior members to get to know each other and the majority of people made new friends throughout the summer


Each Friday we arranged a trip for the young people to attend.  The trips were to Singleton Maize Maze, Fleetwood Museum and Lifeboat Station, Walk and BBQ around Brock Mills and a visit to Blackpool Zoo.  The majority of young people attended 3 trips with some of our older members also having the chance to do a quad biking session.


Highlights of the summer club were:


Sports sessions, these were very popular and most people had improved there skills by the end of the summer.


Trips, these were very popular and gave the members a chance to go to different places with there friends and in some cases learn new skills and facts.


Tommy’s Got Talent, auditions were held during week 3 for singers and dancers.  On the last day parents were invited in for the final competition, this was well supported and the winner will record a song in a studio and have it put onto cd.


One young person that attended the summer club comes from a care home and coming to Tommy’s gives him an opportunity to do things without his carers being there.  Throughout the 4 weeks we saw him try new activities, make new friends and become more confidant as a person.  He also won senior male member of the holiday club which he was really proud of.


Another member was really quiet in the first couple of weeks and did not interact well with other young people.  A lot of the time he would just watch other people doing activities but would not join in.  During one session whilst watching people dancing on the wii, a worker persuaded him to give it a go when there wasn’t a lot of people there and found out that he was really good.  After that workers got him more involved with the dancing sessions and he then became more talkative and got more involved with the other young people.



Comments from young people who attended the Holiday Club


The best trip that I went on was quad biking because it was fun and I have never done it before.

Savannah, aged 13


I’m proud of myself for getting to the final of Tommy’s Got Talent.

Dallas, aged 14


I liked coming to the summer club because you make more friends.  If I didn’t come I wouldn’t have known what to do at home.

Kizzy, aged 10


I really liked singing, playing stuff like pool and going on trips.

Louise, aged 8


If I hadn’t of come here I would be at home bored and I wouldn’t of had so much fun.

Zoe, aged 12