About Us

Fleetwood Club for Young People was officially re-opened in December 2009 to provide a safe, warm and affordable venue for young people of Fleetwood to enjoy. Originally established in 1894 as the Fleetwood Boys Club, based in Rhyl Street, the project was funded by local benefactor Samuel Fielden. After a change of name to the Fleetwood Gymnasium Club for Young People, the venue was forced to close as the building was no longer fit for purpose.

After a relocation to London Street, a rebrand to “Tommy’s” - Fleetwood Club for Young People, and a relaunch on December 16th, we hope the club moves onto bigger and greater paths.

The Lofthouse Family of Fleetwood and makers of Fisherman’s Friend, have been generous benefactors to the local community. They have financed facilities at Fleetwood hospital, created the Lofthouse Foundation Centre and paid for major street scene projects like Fisherman’s Walk and decorative seafront pavements and the refurbishing of a Pocket Park, to name but a few. Now the Lofthouse Family have helped to develop the club into the fantastic facility you see today.

The club offers a place for young people to hang out and engage in positive activities, getting young people off the streets and guiding them into become responsible citizens. We also think it’s important to support the local community and we are committed to tackling issues such as health, crime, anti-social behaviour and substance abuse. There is an extensive programme of activities planned; which includes sports, arts and residential experiences.