Event : Staff Residential June 2011

Staff Residential June -11


The Staff residential was organised to with a multi purpose function to it, the first was to allow the staff and volunteers to get to know each other, the second was to familiarise ourselves with Ormside Mill for those who had not already been and finally and most importantly to start the training programme for all the staff members.

After all arriving safe and sound and getting unpacked it was straight down to a class room sessions albeit in front of the wood burning fire. Jed and Francesca had planned a weekend full of learning in many different ways. After a few hours it was time for our evening meal and to settle down and have a chat amongst the group, this allowed all to learn a little more about the people we would be working with at Tommy’s.

The following day started with breakfast and then into our nice classroom. The day was filled with Jed and Fran teaching us the important lessons we need to learn when it came to being involved with youth group. As Jed and Fran would say “They are providing us with the tools to carry out our duties as youth workers”. The sessions where made up of scenarios and how would we react to this scenario, followed by them giving us a breakdown of how we should react and why. The day passed quickly, with breaks for tea and coffee at regular intervals and a short break for lunch.

Jed had decided to give us a treat for our evening meal and once we had completed the days tasks the Barbecue was set up and we had our evening meal sat out in the sun a very nice end to the day.

 Our last day was spent with a short class room session after breakfast followed by some group games out on the field. A number of parachute games helped work off the breakfast followed by a long game of rounders. With us all completely shattered it was back to the class room for the final session and an evaluation of the weekend’s events and training then it was time to pack up and head home.


Thank you to Jed and Francesca for this weekend from the Team.